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Cooper Meeks

Thank you for everything.  Your guys did a great job.

Cooper Meeks
V.P. Smith Barney

From Laurie

Dear Dean,

I really appreciate you and your crew for being so professional, friendly and thorough in removing my old dead pine.  It's quite a relief to have that danger out of my backyard.  If you ever need a referral, you can count on me!  I hope the new year is prosperous and safe for you and your guys!

Thanks again "Soooo" much!

Jo Testimonial

Thank you very much for the fabulous job! I am very impressed with how clean and professional the job was. I am recommending you to all my friends.

Thanks Again,

Winrock Testimonial

Dear Dean,

I want to let you know how pleased I am with Giraffe Tree Service and the professionalism of your crew. The cost effectiveness of your services was an added bonus!

Your foreman did an incredible job leading the men by example and providing excellent service. It was amazed to see how clean the site was when the job was finished. I also couldn't see how you would be able to remove the two dead trees without damaging the surrounding landscaping or leaving behind a mess. Not one plant was damaged and our landscaping looks exactly like it did before Giraffe Tree Service came in with the exception of the trees being gone...

I have to say that when the responsibility fell on me to see this project through I was concerned about the outcome. Thank you - the work ethic of your crew was an excellent reflection on my choice.

Warmest Regards,
Lynn Smallwood
Procurement Coordinator
Winrock International

Insurance and Safety
"Giraffe Tree Service is fully insured for your protection"


At Giraffe Tree Service we take our motto "For A Higher Level of Service" very seriously. On the job training is regular and the crews continue to train and improve everyday, but that's not enough.  We conduct weekly, formal meetings on safety and proper tree care. At Giraffe Tree Service we strive to learn more and constantly improve our operations and services. We enjoy trees and are very proud of what we do!  

 As the customer, you get to reap the benefits of our premier tree care operations and the stability Giraffe Tree Service provides through our efficient operations.



At Giraffe Tree, Safety Is Key

Tree care is one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S., particularly if performed by amateurs or untrained personnel. Statistics show that performing tree care is more dangerous than working for a police or fire department. Every year homeowners are injured or killed trying to do their own tree work. They should not perform tree work involving climbing of any kind, work from a ladder to prune a tree, or attempt to fell (cut-down) trees.

This sobering information is one reason why Giraffe Tree decided to expand our focus on safety leadership. After years of focusing on our company’s safety record, we had reached a consistent safety level, but we were not content with that. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our procedures.


"You may wonder how our safety program affects you since you are not the one doing the work or at risk. Did you know that if a worker was to fall or become injured while working on your property, without workers compensation, you could be held responsible?
This is where workers’ comp comes into play. If your tree service has workers compensation, you are protected. If not, you are liable for the injuries.

This is why Giraffe Tree Service has workers compensation insurance for all of it’s employees. "


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